Allure Health and Beauty-- where you will be pampered by your personal Therapist.
  1. Massages
    Choose your customised massage
    Imagine a treatment where all of the senses are stimulated. Where the skin feels warm from the nurturing touch of the therapist, the muscles feel soothed and relaxed, where aroma therapeutic oils and flowers tantalize the sence of smell, where the eyes feel soothed by the harmonious palette of colours in nature , where the taste buds are awakened by a sweet sensation of exotic teas and natural cocktails. Choose from : Relaxation , Swedish , Lymphatic , Aroma Therapy , Reflexology , Stress Relief , Deep Tissue , or Touch Therapy.
  2. Facials
    Mini - facial : A great lunchtime escape. Classical Facial: For the skin that is tired and lifeless. And the choice Ultimate Deluxe Facial
    Ultimate Deluxe Facial : A double action cleanse, tone, peel, steam with heavenly massage for the face, neck and shoulders ending with a special eye treatment and luxury mask. The Dermalogica Active Resurface 35 featured in Marie Claire Magazine, this skin resurfacing treatment utilizes the most advanced cosmeceutical ingredients to deliver your healthiest most luminous skin within our professional enviroment using the latest ground breaking technology. It utilizes very rapid vibration to loosen the top dead layer of the skin and slough it away in a powerful yet gentle way, smooth and even product appliction.Skin wiil appear smooth, refined, & brightens pigmentation.
  3. Body Wraps
    Choose from Slimming Algae Body Wrap or Full Body Exfoliation
    Helps soften, digest, proteins and stimulating cell turn over, helps polish, soften leaving skin hydrated & smooth, helps draw impurities from the skin, absorb excess oil, refine the pores,clear congestion, stimulate circulation, soothes the skin, deep cleanse, extract impurities, remove accumulated dead cells, tone tissues, protects against free radical damage, fights the formation of aging. Clients customise treatment for energising the benefits are stimulating,lymph and circulatory system, invigorate the body while helping to fight fatigue clients with stress, customise stress treatment the aromatic ingredient provides calming, help ease the body into relaxation, soothing the skin.Decongest fat deposit of body , reduce cellulite.
  4. Waxing and Tinting
    A range of waxing service and Eye Brow & Eye Lash Tinting available
    Waxing : Bikini , Brazilian , Full Leg , 3/4 Leg , 1/2 Leg , G-string Bikini , Lip or Chin , Eyebrow shape , Full face , Full Arm , Under Arm , 1/2 Arm , Abdoman , Back and Shoulder , Chest . Tinting : Eye -lashTint , Eye - brow Tint